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Currently on what bus?


We would like to detect which specific bus you're on. Let's say for instance you're on a bus and not connected to the wifi, how would it be possible to gain information about the bus number or "turnummer" for that bus?


Göran Smith - t...

I guess there might be much more efficient ways to do it, but can't you just compare the gps position of the phone with the gps positions of the buses?



Today there is no 100% certain way to identify which vehicle you are on.
The problem with both Wifi and GPS is that the margain for error when you are at a busterminal could make it impossible to accurately control which of the 10-30 buses on that terminal you are on.
Maybe this problem is not applicable in this contest.
Another technique could be iBeacons that are somewhat more accurate, and something a concept could involve in its solution even thought these are not installed today.


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