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The information about ElectriCity that changes over time, so called real-time data, is accessible through an API (application programming interface). An example of real-time data are the buses current location, the temperatures inside of the buses and whether someone has pressed the stop button.

For you that want to find out which bus you are on!

When you are logged in to the bus WIFI you will have access to a API that is avalible locally in every bus from Icomera. If you make a GET request to "" you will get a XML response with the System ID for the bus. The Buses page is updated with which System ID each bus has.


How to register and get access to the API.


A short introduction to the data model.


Using the API with restful HTTP requests.

Sensors and resources

The various sensors and resources that are available.


A list of the available buses and their identification numbers (VIN).

Simulated bus

VIN Ericsson$Vin_Num_001 is connected to a simulated bus route.

Code example

Code example showing how the API could be used.