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Simulated bus

VIN Ericsson$Vin_Num_001 is connected to a simulated bus route.

Detailed description of the simulator

The simulator runs faster than the regular buses and generates random events and values. The simulated bus has VIN Ericsson$Vin_Num_001 and moves along a route made up of 65 positions, from Johanneberg to Lindholmen. The bus' position is updated every 5 seconds.

Updates at each move

The following values are updated every move:

In addition, with each movement there's a 40% chance that these value are updated:

If the the above didn't occur, the following signal will be sent:

With every update there's a 50% probability that a passenger presses the STOP button, which results in the following update:

With every update there's a 2% probability that Ericsson$Offroute will be set to "true". If this happends, the bus will halt for 20 seconds and then start driving again.

Updates at the bus stops

At five different bus stops (Götaplatsen, Kungsportsplatsen, Nils Ericsson terminal, Frihamnen and Lindholmen) the bus will halt for 10 seconds, and the following values will be set:

There's also a 20% chance that anybody with a stroller enters the bus at a bus stop. If that happens, this value will be set:

After a bus stop, the following values will be restored: