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Bus stops


There are 16 bus stops along bus route 55. Here you can read more about the bus stops that have been built or redesigned for ElectriCity. You can also find drawings or sketches describing the bus stops and the surrounding areas.




Teknikgatan at Lindholmen is one of two end bus stops on bus route 55. The bus stop is the first of its kind where passenger may get on/off the bus while indoor. In practice this means that instead of wiating for the bus outside you can wait inside protected against wind and rain. You can also visit the café and charge your cell phone via USB. The indoor bus stop is built by Chalmersfastigheter adjacent to the Patricia building. As it is an end stop this is also where you find one of the charging stations

In the indoor bus stop there is an interactive touch screen describing the ElectriCity cooperation and a big screen visualizing the charging process.




Lindholmsplatsen is a new bus stop between Kuggen and Lindholmen Science Park. As it is very close to both buildings it is very convenient to catch the 55 if you need to travel towards the city center. 

Lindholmen Science Park


Lindholmen is Gothenburg's most knowledge-intensive and growing area. Since the start in 2000, the area has grown by a large number of businesses and people each year. 

Today over 21 000 people work, study or live at Lindholmen. Our vision is that the figure shall be 30 000 people by 2020.

A large number of companies have offices at Lindholmen Science Park but you will also find Lindholmen Conference Center and a restaurant, café, hair dresser and more.The business lounge is a place to meet people or to sit down and work for while. The ElectriCity cooperation is displayed in  a section of the lounge close to the bus stop.

vasttrafiktv.jpgNear the exit to Lindholmsplatsen there are two screens. One screen shows Västtrafik-tv with information re Västtrafik and news, weather forecasts, sports and quiz.

Real time traffic information shows when the electric bus leaves towards the city center but provides information also on all other public transport departures from Lindholmen.

Free WiFi is offered via ElectriCity.


Mobility services at Lindholmen Science Park: 




Route 55 runs through Frihamnen - a strategically important part of Gothenburg if the inner city is to expand across the river and link up the Kvillestaden, Backaplan, Lindholmen and Ringön quarters. The area will be a hub comprising new workplaces, socially mixed housing and good public transport. The development will be dense and contain a mix of uses. In the future Frihamnen will have some 15 000 inhabitants and an equal amount of work places.  For the Gothenburg 400th anniversary in 2021 1 000 appartments shall have been built, 1000 persons will work in the area and parts of the jubilee park Jubileumsparken will be ready. Already now there is a sauna and an outdoor pool – Allmänna badet.



Götaplatsen is one of the absolute central places in Gothenburg, located at the southern end of Kungsportsavenyn. Götaplatsen is a place for large gatherings and meetings and surrounded by cultural institutions – the city library - Stadsbiblioteket, the city theatre – Stadsteatern, the art museum – Konstmuseet and the Gothenburg concert hall.


At Götaplatsen Västtrafik has built two new bus stops with touchscreens for interaction with passengers leaving or waiting for the bus, or perhaps just passing by. USB outlets charged by solar energy can be used for charging cell phones and seamless wifi provides internet access on the bus stop as well as during bus travel.



The bus stop Chalmersplatsen is situated along Sven Hultins gata just outside the main entrance to Chalmers.

Västtrafik has built a new bus stop with a touchscreen for interaction with passengers waiting for the bus, or perhaps just passing by. 


Sven Hultins plats


Sven Hultins plats is one of the two end stations on bus route 55 and very close to Johanneberg Science Park. Thisi is also where you find one of the charging stations.

The bus stop is a test arena for noise dampening technology within Controllable Urban Soundscapes, a project in which oases of tranquility are created in the midst of city centres. Traffic disturbances and noise levels are attenuated using advanced technology, and replaced by pleasant sound experiences. The technology concept is tested in parks in London and Gothenburg, and can also be applied to other outdoor areas where a different soundscape is desirable