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Charging stations

There are two charging stations on bus route 55 - one is situated at Sven Hultins plats at Johanneberg Scoence Park and one inside the indoor bus stop at Teknikgatan at Lindholmen. Göteborg Energi is responsible for the charging stations and the buses are powered by electricity from renewable sources.

The charging process takes up to 6 minutes and is done through conductive charging, which requires a physical connection between the electronic device's battery and the power supply. The bus communicates with the charging station via WiFi and the power is then adjusted top a suitable level, based on the batteries state of charge, temperature etc. The maximum power is 300kW.

Charging station - Teknikgatan


At Teknikgatan parts of the carging equipment is placed in the basement. Energy losses in terms of heat are recycled into the indoor bus stop via the ventilation system.


Sven Hultins plats


The conductive charging is made via the pantograph placed in the top of the charging pole. Once the bus is in the correct position the pantpgraph moves downward to establish contact between the bus and the charging station. 

Energy consumption

Göteborg Energi makes available data on te energy consumption through the e-rapporten (Swedish only)