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This page presents links where you can find more valuable information and data. 

Other APIs


The travel planner from Västtrafik offers a number of possibilities, eg you can search how to travel from door to door in region Västra Götaland (address to address or point to point), search results in real time and optional routes if the searched travel is not possible. Participants in ElectriCity Innovation Challenge 2015 will get API-keys to the Västtrafik API by email. You will find documentation and help files for the API below.

Trafiklab (

Trafiklab is a community for open traffic data. A place where developers can get easy access to data and public transport APIs in Sweden with the aim to develop new services.

City of Gothenburg open data (

Here you can find information on open data from the City of Gothenburg and register as user. You can also read about the city's data exchange with external parties.

Open API - Swedish Transport Administration (

This site contains information, documentation, guidance and examples to how to use the open APIs for trafic information from the Swedish Transport Administration.

Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute - SMHI (

The Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute provides meteorological data in an open API. 

Swedish API Directory - Svenska API-katalogen (

The aim of this directory is to make it easier for Swedish developers to find useful APIs as well as to inspire more Swedes to publish APIs. The data in the directory is free to use but the documentation is all in Swedish.


Information on public transport

Swedish Public Transport Association - Svensk Kollektivtrafik (

Svensk Kollektivtrafik – the Swedish Public Transport Association – is the trade organisation of local and regional public transport in Sweden.

Public Transportation Sectretariat Region Västra Götaland (

As a public transport authority, Region Västra Götaland decides the principles behind how public transport is to be extended and where investments are to be made in order to have the greatest possible impact. The aim is for public transport to contribute to achieving Västra Götaland’s vision of "the good life".

K2 (

K2 is the Swedish knowledge centre for public transport with a focus on research and skills development. K2 is run by Lund University, Malmö University and VTI in collaboration with the Stockholm County Council, Region Västra Götaland and Skåne Regional Council and supported by Vinnova, Formas and the Swedish Transport Administration.

Samtrafiken (

The aim of Samtrafiken is to develop services that can make travelling by public transport more simple, more accessible and more reliable. Samtrafiken also provides actors within the public transport sector with knowledge and data on Swedish travelling.


Urban development information

River City Gothenburg (

RiverCity Gothenburg is central Gothenburg along the river. Major areas of the city are waiting to be transformed into a living, attractive inner city. The link is to the RiverCity Gothenburg Vision and Strategies document, the result of an extensive consultation and concept process. The process has involved the people of Gothenburg, municipal administration representatives, companies, private industry and academia.