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Competition application related questions


1. Do we need to conform to a single category at this stage (Efficient & fun/Attractive bus stops/Bus trips for all) ?
If so, can we submit one or more entries for each category ?

2. Are we expected to come prepared with the Concept description, Youtube video and implementation plan at the Concept generation factory ?
Or is the idea to do all of the above during the course of the event ?

Göran Smith - t...

1. You can only submit one entry per team and you will need to pick a category/theme for that entry when submitting your concept description (deadline 13.00 the 19th of September). However, you will have the opportunity to modify your choice of category/theme when submitting the prototype description.

2. You don’t have to prepare concept descriptions, youtube videos or development plans prior to the concept generation factory. The idea is indeed that you should develop all of them during the course of the event.


Thanks, it's clear now !

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