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Technical questions


1. Which bus types should we consider in this competition (city bus / inter-city/ long haul) ?
Also, which modes of propulsion ( pure electric / hybrid / conventional) shall we consider ?

2.What is the maximum area that we can consider for a single bus stop ?

Gunnar Ohlin

@devansh - I suggest you focus on city buses and pure electric or hybrid modes of propulsion. However, many good ideas may apply also for conventional propulsion and inter-city or long haul buses. It depends on your idea.

The maximum area of a single bus stop is hard to define. Do you refer to only the "building" or also the surrounding area?

Göran Smith - t...

1. I agree with Gunnar. The competition's main focus is to increase the attractiveness of utilizing the type of bus service that is demonstrated at ElectriCity - e.g. electrified city buses. However, that does not mean that proposed concepts can't be applicable on other types of bus services too.

2. I don't know. Take the opportunity to ask Västtrafik at either the concept generation factory or at the development workshop regarding bus stops.


Thanks for the clarification !

Gunnar: I mean the total area allocated by the city council to Västtrafik for a single bus stop (including all platforms), for example the light grey region indicated in this stop :

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Gunnar Ohlin

Devansh: I suppose the area will be somewhat proportional to the number of lines, buses and passengers but that it will not be possible define a maximum size.


Stops are not my line of expertise, so I also suggest you speak with my collegues at the concept generation factory or at the development workshop.

But I think it will be impossible to give a good answer, and the attached picture shows why.
This picture shows the stop area at Ullevi Norra. The arrows shows the different stop points. As you can see some of the stop points are at least 80 meters from each other, and separated by buildings and streets.

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Dear Goran,

Thank you very much for including the video.
The implementation plan is for the “actual project” once it is gone to the real implementation.
For October 20th , I can demonstrate it practically using “development boards” in a bench environment. Please suggest me if this is acceptable.

Göran Smith - t...

Dear Natesan,

We don't have any strict requirements for the prototypes. However, the main purposes of them are to visualize how the concepts would look and demonstrate how they would function. Hence, there is no objection in principle with prototyping your concept with the help of development boards. If you think it's the best means for the purpose - go ahead!


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