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is it possible to get the BSSID for the acces points on the different busses?

Jonas- Cybercom

We are working on this! Hopefully we will have information on this topic in the near future!


Wonderful, I was going to ask the same thing!

Until we get the BSSIDs, does anyone know anything at all about how the BSSIDs for the busses are derived from the MAC addresses? I found that the bus with MAC 001395136296 used BSSID 04:f0:21:10:09:53, and I can't seem to find any relationship between the two. But from what I gather, it is the norm that they are somehow related.

Sorry if it is a noob question, I've been researching all week maybe haven't gotten the hang of it yet.


+1 on this, I've just scanned a few buses for the BSSID (Access point MAC) and it's not the same as stated in the Buses API.

Please see this reference:

For example bus with registration number EPO143 has BSSID (access point MAC) 04:f0:21:10:09:e8 while the Buses API states it as 001395143bf0 (add : as you see fit). As you can see these are not even close to the same.


I have an emerging document with BSSIDs as well:

Andreas Käll

Hello there,

If I understand you correctly, you want to know what bus you are on, locally. We at Icomera have our own "local API" you can use. It is described here:
This is not our official site, so everything might not be correct and we are not responsible for that the information there is kept up to date.

It is "Get system" you want, that is :

The platform page ( will be updated with systemIDs, so you have something to compare to.

I hope this will help you out!
/Andreas at Icomera

Jonas- Cybercom

I have updated the buses information and added System ID for each bus! there is also a small description under "API" how to use the local API in the bus. It´s basically the same as what Andreas Käll wrote in the previous post!

BR Jonas


Detta funkar inte riktigt för oss då vi får följande respons (testat på de flesta bussar som skickar data):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <system version="-1.0"> <system_id type="integer">10062621</system_id> </system>

alltså samma system_id för alla (de tre som vi testade på) bussar.
Dessutom så stämmer inte system_id: 10062621 överens med någon System ID på bussarna enligt länken:

Har vi gjort något fel?
Vi har provat att stänga av/sätta på wifi på varje buss och provat både för ElectriCity och Vasttrafik wifi som finns på bussarna. Vi har även testat på bussen när vi inte är i närhet av någon busshållplats.

Jonas- Cybercom

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